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Our expert technology team solves your business problems, from software development and maintenance to CTO-as-a-Service


What are your challenges

What are your challenges

Bringing new products to market

Conso4s is a proven and cost-effective solution for complete software development and launch

Affordably growing and maintaining your software

We take the expense out of scaling and maintaining your software offerings

Affordably growing and maintaining your software

We take the expense out of scaling and maintaining your software offerings


Conso4s is an expert at successfully turning around failing projects, regardless of where they are in the development cycle

The benefits of working with Conso4s

Conso4s proven approach to software development and deep technical expertise means your business will benefit from the following:

True Partnerships

  • Product lines underpinned by our roadmaps
  • Kanban and Agile-based approach
  • Ongoing investment

Transparency and compliance

  • UK-based (ISO, GDPR, and legally compliant)
  • Open and ongoing communication
  • Clear costing – no surprises
  • Your IP and assets – always

Sustainable approach

  • Tech and staffing sustainability
  • Repeatable and consistent quality
  • Results-driven and pragmatic


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Free up staff for value-adding tasks
  • Optimise existing and future budgets
  • Pay-as-you-use model

Quality & automation

  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Extensive and robust development
  • Lean and efficient
  • Commitment to continual improvement

…and much more…

What we do

Conso4s works with small and medium-sized businesses across their lifecycles, from start-up and growth, all the way through to exit. We have a tried and tested approach to projects and product development, which includes the following:


At the beginning of any initiative, we implement our Observe – Perform – Own knowledge transfer and onboarding process. For brand-new projects, we will meet with key stakeholders to understand your business pain points and outline a plan to overcome them with technology. Where Conso4s takes over an existing project, we will onboard an application and its assets into our management. Whatever your vision, we’ll use technology to achieve it.


Conso4s matches up the needs of the project with its in-house technologists, assigning roles for each of them. Our dedicated teams will be led by a partner CTO, who will work with you to achieve all of the benchmarks and deadlines set out in the project roadmap. We provide an affordable Agile/DevOps approach to our builds and are technology agnostic, meaning we can reliably choose the right technologies and tools for your build.

Run / support

We know that the ongoing support and maintenance of software products is a significant challenge for businesses. Which is why we take care of it for so many of our customers. Once your application is up and running, Conso4s is able to manage the day-to-day running and long-term maintenance, leaving you and your workforce to concentrate on other areas of your business.


Many businesses in the SMB space see their need for technical support and expertise as they grow. But paying for a full-time technologist to oversee all of your systems is costly. Conso4s offers an increasingly popular CTO-as-a-Service, a highly flexible approach to solving your tech needs. Our CTO-as-a-Service delivers tech leadership and experience when you need it on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Our Approach

Our approach to software development is straightforward, clear, and pragmatic, ensuring we deliver products on time and within budget. We are committed to a flexible approach that has been designed to provide quality and repeatability. The Conso4s approach is pragmatic, iterative, and simple to understand.


Client Success

Conso4s uses automated tools to deliver predictable quality cost-effectively for our clients
24/7 Help Desk Manage

Development Squads

Our development squads are based around technology sets and customers ensuring we have the capabilities you need without the full-time overhead

Dedicated Recruitment

Human Resources

Sales & Marketing

Dedicated to quality


Solutions for All Scales of Business

Technology agnostic

Pragmatic approach

PAYG model

Key features of our approach

Success Stories

Discover how Conso4s has delivered successful products and projects for a range of clients


Extras App

product to market



affordable cost base


Reducing Operational Risk


Our focus is always on releasing to market as soon as possible, learning from usage and achieving early returns on investment for the customer. This focus on getting benefits early can provide a revenue stream to further invest in and sustain the evolution of the product line.

Our Team

Our people are our success. We scour the globe to bring in the best technology talent to work with our clients. With a flat structure, we encourage quick decision-making, innovation and collective responsibility.

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